“Venetia Spencer is an extremely gifted, talented, and professional psychic, medium, paranormal expert, and photographer. She is mentored by one of the world’s greatest psychic mediums, working with some of the world’s best paranormal investigators, and inspires lives with her photography. As with all of her gifts, she heals peoples’ lives, invigorates their souls, and brings balance, peace and understanding to others. She is a beacon of Light and an example of love being the most powerful force in the universe. I treasure our friendship and the healing she has brought to me and my family.” 

~ John Cofield 


Are you Interested in a psychic reading? Want to connect with a loved one who has passed? Need help with a haunting? Do you need the energy changed around you? Schedule now.



I have seen and have been interested in the unexplained since I was a small child. As a Psychic, a Medium and a Reiki Master I am able to see any attachments or negative energy affecting someone. Once identified I will remove them and assist in future protection.



*After purchase is complete an email will be sent with instructions on how to schedule the appointment. The appointment will be done through social media such as Zoom, Facebook, Skype, etc... or if you are unable to do it online it can be done by phone.




I am available for readings with Zoom, Facebook Live, email or phone. Trained in Platform Mediumship, I am available for group events.

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